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4AB4CC52-5F81-4C6B-9961-97F40CE2A338FB750D59-2CA5-43F2-A124-7C6FF12A20FFCreated this page for entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, and people with the go-getter attitude, people who love adventure 5135C568-DB65-443C-B616-1A886C8E6A31and love to explore what the world has to offer. If this is you, you will feel right at home. I have been in the fitness industry for ten plus years and have tons of tips, advice, some do’s and donts of things I personally have tried that WORK or DONT!

My name is Christina Classey. I am married to my awesome husband Mark and have a sweet little girl named Addy. We live in Atl, Georgia where the weather is totally unpredicatable! That’s okay though….Keeps things interesting.


We are very active and love outdoors, going to the gym, going to car shows  and traveling all over the place. “Living life in the fast lane.”


So excited for you guys to be on this journey with us. So many fun things to come. Stay tuned!4BD5D464-88FE-4440-B00A-20A15C5E98C0

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